The project results from Brokering China’s Extraversion will be disseminated through journal articles and a monograph.

Previous articles by the PI of relevance to the project:

Haugen, Heidi Østbø (2019) The social production of container spaceEnvironment and Planning D: Society and Space (online first, DOI: 10.1177/0263775818822834). 

Dong, Niu & Heidi Østbø Haugen (2019) Social workers in China: Professional identity in the makingBritish Journal of Social Work, 49(7):1932–1949. Free access link.

Haugen, Heidi Østbø (2018) The unmaking of a commodity: Intermediation and the entanglement of power cables in NigeriaEnvironment and Planning A, 50(6): 1295-1313.

Haugen, Heidi Østbø (2018) China‒Africa exports: Governance through mobility and sojourning. Journal of Contemporary Asia 49(2):294-312.

Haugen, Heidi Østbø (2018) Residence Registration in China’s Immigration Control: Africans in Guangzhou. In Lehmann, A. & P. Leonard Destination China. Immigration to China in the Post-Reform Era. Palgrave Macmillan: Heidelberg: pp. 45-64.

Haugen, Heidi Østbø (2018) Petty commodities, serious business: The governance of fashion jewelry chains between China and Ghana. Global Networks, 18(2):307-325.

Haugen, Heidi Østbø (2018) From Pioneers to Professionals: African Brokers in a Maturing Chinese Marketplace. African Studies Quarterly, 17(4): 45-62.

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